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OEM Order - Medal,lapel pin,dog tag,keychain,belt buckle
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Guang Dong Medals Tech Industrial Co; Limited

Guang Dong Medals Tech Industrial Co; Limited

OEM Order

Oem Order For Wedding Dresses

Win-Win operation Welcome to OEM and place your trial order!

We are professional Metal Gifts Factoru in China, you can place OEM order by 5 steps as follow:
Step1: Send email to us with your design, picture, original sample or requirements
Step2: We will tell you if we can make your design or picture order, then we will make the quote.
Step3: If you like to cooperate with us, we will send our payment information to you and sign contract with you.
Step4: After we got the payment, we will arrange the production, about 18-20 month time for OEM order.
We Guarantee:

1. Always high quality and on time delivery.
2. Keep your copyright, just make your design for you not any other factory or customer.
You can contact us(contact us)any time for any other details you like to know.

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