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Plating - Medal,lapel pin,dog tag,keychain,belt buckle
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Guang Dong Medals Tech Industrial Co; Limited

Guang Dong Medals Tech Industrial Co; Limited



    Plating is a metal layer approx 5 ~ 20 um thick covering on the surface of the raw material after polishing. The products with plating can protect the products and looks better.We have all the plating options of this industry: gold, silver, brass, bronze,  nickel, chrome, antique gold, antique silver, antique pewter, antique brass, antique bronze, antique nickel, matte gold, matte silver, matte nickel, black nickel and etc. Please find below pictures for reference.

Plating workshop


  1 Barrel Plating
  Put many pieces of items into a rotary drum, and then put the rotary drum into the plating trough. This process method suits small items and items are not strictly requested on finish quality.

                        Drum Machine                                                     Rotary Drum (barrel)

2  Rack Plating
 Fix the items on the rack(hanging shelf), and put the rack into plating trough. This method doesn't suit small items, but is usually used for middle-large size items and items with high quality request.

                    Rack Plating Production Line                                                                  Rack

   ?Finish Options


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